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Nizarna White marble is a type of marble that is found in the northern part of India. This type of marble slab has a brown swirl pattern all over it. Nizarna white marble is a white Indian marble with brown swirl patterns all over it. Nizarna White Marble is a well-known white base marble with brown color tones and brown strikes. We at Sai Marble manufacturer in India supply this marble at a very affordable price. This marble is sometimes used in the construction of buildings and sculptures. It's utilized for flooring, wall ornamentation, and stair casing both inside and out. It's also a terrific option for tabletop and countertop applications.

Nizarna white Marble is known for its regal appearance and white gloss, and we sell it as marble exporters in India for indoor flooring. It is made up of more than 99 percent calcium or calcite, making it extremely durable.

It has not been chemically treated and does not change color or develop pinholes over time. It has the highest level of durability, luster, and whiteness, and it fulfills all international criteria.

Because marble is a natural stone, each slab – even those from the same quarry – is unique. This is one of the reasons why white marble is so appealing. You may be sure that your Nizarna Marble slab is unlike any other in the globe if you use it for flooring or any other house building, such as a marble backsplash.

White marble slabs and tiles are available in Nizarna. Sai marbles and granites are the marble exporters in India, for Nizarna white marble in India and beyond. This stone is extremely long-lasting and has a silky smooth surface. Other information on this marble can be found below. For orders and more information on Nizarna Marble, please contact us.

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