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The Indian Granite has a very long history. India has wealth of varieties of natural stones such as Granite. Likewise, other varieties of stone, Sai Marble & Granite is a top granite manufacturer in India . Along with manufacturing granite, we are leading Granite exporters in India. Granite is an igneous stone that is rich in feldspar and quartz. The export of Indian Granite has picked up in recent years because of its premium quality. This stone is commonly used for construction. The granite we are supplying is an ideal choice for Kitchen tops, Countertops, and Stairs. It’s long-lasting and sturdy and comes in a variety of shades and colors. Indian Granite has the most perfect texture, whether you look for a sleek and modern touch or something traditional.

Granite is perfect for both interior and exterior projects. If you want to give unique look to your home interiors choose granite stone. SMG, Granite exporters in India supplying countertops, tile floors, stair slabs, and many other designs that are made from polished granite slabs. Apart from this, for the construction of Buildings, Monuments, Bridges, and many more exterior projects Granite is the preferred choice.

We are manufacturing the highest quality Granite and have worked with the greatest industries to ensure quality. Our Granite requires less maintenance. Its stain resistance and easy to clean, and also comes in various sizes and textures. We have a manufacturing unit well-equipped with all the machinery. We offer a bespoke design option that allows our customers to create their own countertops. Our expert designers will understand your choice and needs to build a unique countertop that will enhance the beauty of your home.

P. White Granite

PWhite Granite

White Granite from Sai Marble & Granite is North Indian Granite. Patches of grey, black and green color on its beautiful snow-white surface define the stone’s stunning appearance. SMG is a renowned white granite exporter in India and offers its premium quality white granite product in a variety of finishes at an affordable cost.

P. White Granite has a clean white color and it is a durable stone. The beautiful texture of the stone makes it quite attractive. With lots of features stone comes in various sizes, and shapes which are perfect for any interior and exterior project. P. White Granite is suitable for decoration purposes, flooring, countertops, landscaping, and exterior cladding. Moreover, we offer P. white granite in customized and standard dimensions for our clients.

Kharda Red or K. Red Granite

Kharda red granite has a red color background with a multi-colored wave which makes this stone very attractive and eye-catching. As a leading granite exporter in India, we can vouch for the superior quality of our granites. It comes in shades of reddish-brown and pinkish brown color. K. Red Granite is a durable and reliable stone for various applications.

Construction stone, ornamental stone, mosaic, stairs, fireplaces, balustrades, sinks, and other design projects benefit from this stone. This works well for countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior, interior wall and flooring, fountains, pools and wall capping, stairs, window sills, etc. The beautiful; texture and color of this granite make it a favorite choice for interior and exterior design.

K Red Granite

Ash Black Granite

Ash Black Granite

       Ash Black Granite is a popular stone in north India. This Ash black granite is also famous as Rajasthan black granite. This Granite has ashes dispersed over the dark background. Each speckle of the stone shines with the reflection of the sun. Black granite countertops, and kitchen and bathroom floors are great options to enhance the beauty of interiors.

Ash black granite glossy look with a deep black finish which attracts the customers at first sight. The color and texture of the stone are perfect to add elegance to any room in your home.

Titanium Black Granite

       Titanium black granite is an amazing stone with white waving over the dark grey and black background. This black granite fits well for multiple applications such as bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, landscaping, flooring, etc. White swirls all over the dark surface of the slabs add beauty wherever it is applied. This type of dark grey granite is created through an ionization process.

Titanium black granite is a durable and strong material best for modern architecture. Titanium black granite is ideal for commercial and residential purposes. It is also known as titanium Copacabana granite, and nowadays this is one of the most famous granite globally. Sai Marble & Granite is a well–known granite exporter in India supplying these granite slabs in various shapes and sizes.

Black Granite

Titanium Gold Granite

Titanium Gold Granite

      We love every single product but the Titanium Gold Granite is our favorite product in our collection. This beautiful natural stone has a dark background with swirls of white and golden shades. Titanium giallo granite, Titanium golden granite are some other names for it. The numerous black veins on the stone enhance its beauty. The overall black texture of the Granite slab is formed exactly because of these strong black markings. Another prominent texture is the golden strip-shaped texture.

Titanium Gold Granite is most suitable for decoration purposes. It will give an elegant and aesthetic look to the ambiance of your home.

Alaska white / Gold / Pink Granite

       Originated from south India Alaska white marble is a unique beauty. When it comes to selecting the right white granite with a mix of design and tones Alaska granite offers rich and modern feelings.

Perfect to give mesmerizing look to any bathroom, kitchen, and countertop Alaska white with gold veins. Its beautiful color and texture will add the wow factor to any room. With a warm white color and golden-pink undertone, this granite is my favorite choice. As a premium Granite manufacturer in India, we are offering this granite in various shapes and sizes.

Alaska Granite

Brazil Brown Granite

Brazil Brown Granite

      Granite with brownish hues is known as brazil brown granite. This granite comes in a combination of warm and cool shades. We offer this brazil brown granite that is queried in brazil. Granite slabs come in various brown shades but light brown hues are more common. These light hues are majorly used in Countertops, flooring, and table tops.

These granite slabs are a perfect fit for both inside and outside uses. We are reputed Brazil Brown Granite suppliers in India.

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